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Yesterday, Phase Two of reopening began in Massachusetts. The Commonwealth’s Reopening Plan allows for child care to begin the process of opening in Phase Two.  At this time the only child care that is open to serve families continues to be Emergency Child Care. Understanding the Commonwealth’s obligation to ensure that child care environments and workforce are safe for the children and families who rely on them, EEC has designed the following expedited process to balance the urgency of reopening with the need to have protection protocols in place:

  • INTENT TO REOPEN: On Monday, June 8, EEC distributed an “Intent to Reopen” form to capture the preparedness for each provider to re-open under the updated Minimum Health and Safety Requirements.

    • The week of 6/8:  EEC will provide plan templates, guidance, and self-attestation forms for providers to review and prepare.
    • The week of 6/15:  EEC will allow providers to submit their re-opening plans for review and approval by EEC.

    • EEC pledges to immediately review plans and attestations to ensure completion; providers will be allowed to conditionally re-open for services to children based on their chosen timeline.
    • EEC will perform thorough review of plans and address any support needs for on-going operations within 60 days of conditional approval.

You can find more information on EEC’s website here including a reopening process overview, updated minimum health and safety requirements for reopeningupdated FAQs, and Family Child Care supplemental guidance

We know there is fear, anxiety, worry, uncertainty, need for answers and accurate information and the commitment to best serve children and families.

Before COVID-19, even at full enrollment the child care market was broken. The way the system is financed left too few children with access to high-quality early childhood settings, too many early childhood educators living on poverty-level wages, and too many programs one rent payment away from closing down. 

We know that our field is complex – with many funding streams – public and private dollars in the system.

We know that programs are going to need flexible, stable additional funds to have a chance of making it in the new reality.

We have a long road back. Things will be different as we return to a new reality. Hearing from you about real life, day-to-day challenges will help inform our advocacy and communication strategies and match up resources with needs.

We will rely on the innovation, creativity and can-do attitude of the early education and care community. But that will not be enough.

We will need to advocate together for additional resources and support.

Stay tuned for more information.  Please let us know of you have questions.

Thank you!



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