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Today is Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts – a day to commemorate the battles of Lexington and Concord which were fought in 1775. This year, we are all fighting a different battle.

Today is also Marathon Monday.

Most years I would be heading to Mile 24 in Brookline with the signs I made to cheer on the runners who start in Hopkinton and head 26.2 miles to take a right onto Hereford Street and then a left on Boylston Street in Boston.

Thousands of fans would line the way cheering, clapping, cow-belling, wahoo-ing and shouting words of encouragement. Runners would have their own names on their shirts so we could cheer for them. Many runners would have signs on their backs - with the names of the people who they remember, their loved ones who helped motivate them to train for months in the rain and snow.

Today we will cheer for the early education and care community – educators, directors, family child care providers, school age counselors, cooks, bus drivers, mental health consultants, social workers, administrators and many others who support children and families.

We will make signs and post on social media. We will share words of encouragement. We will cheer. We will ring cow bells for you. We will remember. We will thank you.

Join us TODAY on Twitter (@EarlyEd4All), Facebook (@earlyeducationforall), Instagram (@EarlyEd4All) and show your love and appreciation for our everyday heroes. Post early and often.

Over the last month we have found the most inspiration in hearing the stories from communities that often go unnoticed – the toddler teachers, worried about their own jobs, who video chatted with the children in their class – causing the toddlers to giggle with delight. The program directors who have ordered enough food to distribute to all the families they serve even though they are not sure how they will pay for it. The administrators, who have had many sleepless nights, applying for every funding stream possible to continue to pay their staff and keep the programs going so they will be ready to open again. The organizations that have created online forums so educators can talk and support each other during these uncertain times. Community members who have come together to ensure that basic needs of families are met.

We still have a long road back. Things will be different as we return to a new reality.  We will rely on the innovation, creativity and can-do attitude of the early education and care community. 

We will continue to be inspired and learn lessons of collaboration and putting children and families in the center of our work.

We will cheer for you. We will continue to fight and advocate for you.  We will be there for you.

We are in this together.




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