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We have been inspired by the collaborative spirt of the early education and care community. One thing we know for sure is that there are people at the local, state and national level fighting for children, families, educators, providers and the early education and care system. 

We are in this together.

We created a new page on our website that we will update frequently with information and resources. 

On Friday, March 27th, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Stimulus (CARES) Act was signed into law. This legislation includes critical provisions that will help multiple parts of the complex early childhood education sector. Below are the relevant highlights as reported by NAEYC:

  • $3.5 billion for the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) to ensure continued payment and assistance to child care providers and to support child care for essential workers;
  • $750 million in grants for Head Start, including up to $500 million for support of summer programs;
  • Access to small business loans of up to $10 million that can be forgiven, if programs use the loans for specific purposes such as wages, paid sick or family leave, health insurance benefits, retirement benefits, mortgages or rent, or utilities;
  • Direct payments to qualifying taxpayers of up to $1,200 ($2,400 for couples), plus an additional $500 per child;
  • Access to a pandemic unemployment insurance benefit for four months, on top of the regular unemployment insurance benefit offered by states to qualifying individuals;
  • Suspension of payments on federally-held student loans to support the many early childhood educators earning their degrees and credentials.

We are grateful to the members of the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation for their leadership and support for young children and families.

Let us know what help you need – no ask is too big or too small, we want to know. 

Here is a summary of the survey results to-date.

Hearing from you about the real life, day-to-day challenges will continue to help inform our advocacy and communication strategies and help us match up resources with needs.

Thank you for all you are doing for children, families and for each other. Keep in touch.

Amy and Titus 


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