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Dear friends,

We hope you are all staying healthy at this time of crisis. 

This is an extraordinary time with so many unknowns - so many questions, fears, worries and feeling overwhelmed. We are checking in and offering support. We will continue to communicate often and share updates.

We want to hear from you. Let us know your short- and long-term needs by completing this online form. We have close to 70 responses and the feedback is powerful. Hearing about the real life, day to day challenges will help inform our advocacy and communication strategies. Please share this email with your networks.

As you know, Governor Baker issued an emergency order temporarily closing all early childhood education programs across the State of Massachusetts by Monday, March 23, 2020. To prevent community spread of the virus, all families should keep children out of group care settings to the greatest extent possible.

In Massachusetts, emergency drop-in care will begin Monday. This is not business as usual. The emergency programs EEC will open represent about 5% of normal child care capacity across the Commonwealth. This is drop-in, temporary child care that is being made available to those who have no other option for care during this public health crisis. 

EEC has updated their website with FAQs, more information about Exempt Emergency Child Care Programs and specific information for child care providers, parents and guardians and early educators.


We are joining our colleagues across the country in the request for up to $50 billion in emergency stimulus funding to keep the child care industry from collapsing. Since the Congressional situation is fluid and field engagement is critical, a number of the national organizations are working together to organize.

Join in the #FundChildCare #ChildCareNow Twitter Storm Monday, March 23 at 10:00 AM to urge Congress to #FundChildCare. Now. Click here to see the MA Congressional delegation and include them in your tweets. If you can’t tweet at 10 AM – keep tweeting all day. Share with others! For more information, reply to this email or contact Amy O’Leary at

Thank you for all you are doing for children, families and for each other.

Keep in touch.

Amy and Titus


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